Find traces of drugs on any surface

100% Confidential. Our in-house laboratory now offer a drugs screening service. This service can be used to screen for traces of drugs on any surface and is particularly valuable for workplace drug screening, licensee drugs policy compliance, monitoring of drug use in schools and colleges or for parents concerned about possible drug use.

The analysis will detect virtually ANY DRUG - Tel: 0845 3881 543

Our drug swab tests can detect virtually any drug including PRESCRIPTION DRUGS and LEGAL HIGHS. All our tests are performed in Complete Confidence. You may call us in complete confidence. Our packaging is discrete. We accept Police, Customs, Airports, Schools, Companies, The general public. We never give your details to a third party.

We also sell "Drug Testing Kits"

We sell all kinds of drug testing kits. We are NHS suppliers. We offer next day delivery on all orders. From Saliva tests to Urine tests, we stock 1000,s of drug tests ready for immediate delivery. We offer help and advice on all aspects of drug testing.

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Screen for Drugs Pack

We will send you a pack with everything you need.

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